My ‘Go-To’ Coaches

Welcome to the MaverickFitnessCoach ‘Go-To’ coaches section.

Right here you’ll find cutting edge fitness articles, workouts, training tips and advice from a selection of Pro Performance Fitness Coaches who I trust and respect for their unique and proven fitness knowledge.

These great friends of mine are not just very important, knowledgeable and caring fellow fitness pros who help thousands of people both in their own personal training studios as well as online, but they all carry many years experience and first hand knowledge of what it takes to transform your body and your life the ‘Maverick’ way! – Their methods work.  Period.

If you are looking for: rapid fat loss, weight loss, elimination of stubborn belly fat or tummy fat, hips and thighs that are firm not flabby, lean muscle stimulation, elite conditioning, elite performance, endurance enhancement, total body transformation or any other type of fitness transformation for you, your body and your life then you have come to the right place.  My expert friends and I are here to give you the new and the right ways to change your bodies.

We do things differently…

I hope you enjoy their views and opinions.  They really have some exciting stuff to offer and ever ounce of this can benefit you.

Check out the coaches and their articles below:  You’ll be glad you did.


Anthony Myers Maverick Fitness Go To Pro

Sam Winkworth Maverick Fitness Go To Pro Fat Loss Guru



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