The Secret Workout For Bigger Arms – Bicep & Tricep Heaven!

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Although our ideas of fitness and muscle gaining workouts is in a lot of cases moving into new territory with the growing trends (mostly rightly – some of it wrongly) in new exercise theory of HIIT, Afterburn Training and different bodypart splits to name a small selection – it can never be said that good old fashioned hardcore weightlifting is’nt ALWAYS going to be ‘the daddy’.


For lean muscle mass we'll always train HARD!

We all know – and those who are unsure can now rest in satisfied confirmation – that your time spent lifting that next lung-busting heavy weight is always going to reap serious rewards in the stimulation of new lean muscle.

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No Sit Ups – And Abs In 6 Weeks??? Hmm. NICE! – Just Grab Some Dumbells!

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We all know that cutting calories ALONGSIDE serious and proven effective workouts and exercises is the way to reveal serious six pack abs and a cut and toned midsection – whether you’re male or female – it does not matter…that’s the long and short of it.  You burn more calories than you take in and this leads you to the holy grail of six pack abs.

Now… what you’re going to have here is a workout that does not use a single sit up (as if any of you are using those anyhow!) and only uses DUMBELLS!

Using ONLY Dumbells to get a ripped midsection and stunning abs!

This is compound central - exercises that will have you on the road to six pack abs in record time IF your diet is correct and you give it 200% with your workouts.

Do these 5 for 20-25 seconds each with 10 seconds rest in between.  Added 2-3 times per week to your workouts… (try to work up to 3 circuits!) Now start sweating please…

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MFC Workouts – ‘Holiday Workout 2′ (PURE Ab Insertion Workout)

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A Christmas and holiday season six pack abs ‘Ab Insertion Workout’ – for ripped six pack abs to use with any fitness program you currently follow – just add it in… Read more

MFC Workouts – ‘Holiday Workout 1′ (Abs & Conditioning)

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A holiday season workout targeting your abs and core with circuit structure.  Improve your conditioning and lose fat as well.  Great quick workout for a busy holiday season…