Trust Your Own Strength!

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Hi guys and girls!

Well its a quickie but a goody – I preach almost all the time to clients about the need to trust their own strength and know they are capable of more than they ever imagine.  Once it gets clear in their heads – and yours! – the sky is the limit!

Check out this video for a bit of a light-hearted break from your day.  Oh and click here to learn a great arm workout that builds muscle and will create the lean muscle you want -men and women!

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And enjoy this:

No Hawaii Chairs Please – or any other fitness gadget! – And Then: 5 REAL Tips To Actually Lose Stubborn Fat And Keep Valuable Lean Muscle…

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OK! Enough already!

You all know my thoughts on those late night tv infomercials selling the world untold gimmicks and gadgets designed to ‘supposedly’ get you in the best shape of your life without you doing anything except smiling and telling your friends how great you suddenly feel – yep:  Utter Crap.

BUT sometimes you can get a real good laugh from them and actually realize that once you cut away the hype and the nonsense the reality of these foolish things is either hilarious, scary  – or both!

Here’s a little video from Ellen Degeneres that I hope you enjoy, the actual hawaii chair disaster is really just an insult to our intelligence, but at the same time incredibly funny. :lol:

Once you’ve got through that and have finally picked yourself up off the table and managed to hold your sides together click this link for the 5 True Ways To Guarantee Fat Loss Whilst Keeping Valuable Lean Muscle.

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