5 True Ways To Guarantee Fat Loss Whilst Keeping Valuable Lean Muscle.

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Hi there,

Today I wanted to give you five quick but essential fundamentals or tips to fully realising your fat loss goals.  But also as well as losing the stubborn fat and getting on the path to the body you want, these 5 also mean you preserve the valuable lean muscle that in effect is your body’s fat burning furnace and the reason you actually blast calories at all.

So below I give you the 5 that if understood and made a part of your fitness lifestyle will not fail to deliver you results.


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Prana Flow Yoga- The Missing Component For A New Lean Body

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Why Yoga?

I wanted to open this blog by thanking my dear friend Tristan for collaborating with me in his efforts.

His loyal readers might be wondering, Tristan, really!  Why Yoga?

I must address this by saying there is a massive misconception in mainstream society and the fitness community in general, that yoga is for women, elderly and those in touch with their earthy side. Yoga is for everyone!

prana flow yoga with maverick fitness coach

Yoga serves as a natural compliment to strength training, fat burning, and heart pumping cardio. Regular stretching gives your muscles the ability to fire more efficiently without shutting down in response to stretched tendons and/or ligaments.

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So What Does The New Apple iPad Have To Do With Successful Fitness Training For Fat Loss?

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apple ipad new release

A New Phenomenon? Or A Smart Evolution?

Ok, its HUGE – The NEW Apple iPad has been unveiled and it looks like a new category of ‘gadget’ is about to explode onto our lives.  But I bet it will soon become common to all of us and eventually we’ll wonder how we lived without it? Right?

So what can we learn from this new Apple release and apply it to our goals for fat loss, six pack abs, body transformation and lean muscle gain?

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How To Burn More Body Fat – The One True & Simple Answer…

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How do you burn more body fat? – Simple – True Training Variety.

For most people the need to burn body fat is one of the highest on a list of desires when they start a fitness program.

Whether it is for the guys wanting to create a more ripped and cut physique or maybe the women who want to drop pounds and show off lean curvacious hips and thighs.

how to burn fat and see a result on the scales

The important thing to remember is that burning excess body fat need not be a hassle or a pain, or something people face wondering if in fact they actually can.

The answer to doing this is a simple one – assuming you are dedicated to your workouts and of course controlling your diet and your caloric intake.

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New year 2010! – Get It Right in Your Head – And You’ll Change Everything!

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Well its nearly here, in fact by the time you read this it will be – 2010. Wow, time flies.  I’m actually visiting my Brother, family and friends back in England and will probably be nursing a New Year’s Day hangover (yes, I do have a bit of alcohol sometimes!) with my Brother as I don’t always get time to spend with him: He’s a Firefighter in England, I’m a fitness pro in Colorado USA… We’ve both talked about our goals for 2010 and once the dust settles on the celebrations and we recover :) we’ll both begin our plan of attack for the new year and the list of goals we have set…

get it right in your head

Fitness Success Begins In Your Mind...

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