The ‘Stair Trainer Phenomenon’ – A New Fat Loss Weapon

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Hi Ladies & Gentlemen,

I just returned from hanging out at a conference with a lot of the ‘big names’ in the fitness training and body transformation industry.  And I wanted to bring you a bit of information about a guy I met who -not only is he a extremely good person – but he also happens to have what I and a LOT of other trainers were really impressed with – and that is:

A Different System that will promote fat loss, body conditioning, extreme cardio endurance and serve as a SUPERB Tool for your workout arsenal.  Oh and you don’t need equipment…You should check this out below:  A good and varied fitness system is a real plus nowadays:

Rocky ran stairs. Enough said! Read on:

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3 Tips To Get A Flat Stomach

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So what Do You Need To Get A Flat Stomach (aka six pack abs)?

Greg Carbone, Monmouth County Boot Camp trainer, back again for another guest post for my buddy Tristan.  I am actually slightly surprised I was invited back after that first post.  Luckily for all of you, Tristan and I will be taking Connecticut by storm in the very near future.  Watch Out!

This is not Tristan - :)

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Time For A Last Meal! Or Is It?

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I’ve tried two forms of ‘late night eating protocol’ in my life.  They can be split into two easy segments or practices.

1) Is eating whatever I like – whatever the time of evening…..

2) Is Deciding not to eat anything after 7.30-8pm…

I used to think that one was absolutely right and the other was totally wrong.   The right one I assumed at one time in my life was to stop after 7.30 and not touch a thing.  I used to stick to this after my heavy traveling years once I ‘settled down’.  But then it all changed…


what time of day do you stop eating?

what time of day do you stop eating?

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The Superbowl 2010 Commercials! – A Break From Your Workouts…

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Don’t You Just Love Those Commercials?!

Superbowl commercials viewer 2010

See all the 2010 Superbowl commercials - as you take a break from your fat loss training!

I know we all need a bit of a break now and then, and I’m sure you all love the commercials in the Superbowl almost as much as the actual game.

Well, The Saints did it last night – congrats to them.  Hard luck Indy, but what we are left with are  the hilarious ads that companies spend millions on for those precious few minutes (or seconds?)…

So I thought you’d like to take a breather from your intense workouts and enjoy all the ads in one place.

So here you go, enjoy: :lol:

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Why are most Protein powders made with Whey Protein

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So here is a ‘quick 60 second video’ about this exact topic:

Why are most Protein powders made with Whey Protein?



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