The ‘Stair Trainer Phenomenon’ – A New Fat Loss Weapon

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Hi Ladies & Gentlemen,

I just returned from hanging out at a conference with a lot of the ‘big names’ in the fitness training and body transformation industry.  And I wanted to bring you a bit of information about a guy I met who -not only is he a extremely good person – but he also happens to have what I and a LOT of other trainers were really impressed with – and that is:

A Different System that will promote fat loss, body conditioning, extreme cardio endurance and serve as a SUPERB Tool for your workout arsenal.  Oh and you don’t need equipment…You should check this out below:  A good and varied fitness system is a real plus nowadays:

Rocky ran stairs. Enough said! Read on:

Ok, I’m going to tell you below about Virgil Aponte.  This is his story and honestly its not just a good read but he has a uniqe answer to proven results for all areas of fitness training, and especially fat loss.

So, A few days ago I got chance to chat with Stair Training Expert, Virgil Aponte about what he does to stay in shape.

A lot of trainers have their clients going to the gym – and ONLY the gym.  However,Virgil goes a different route.

Instead of the gym he hits the stairs twice a week. !!! (YEP)

Don’t get me wrong Virgil loves the typical gym stuff but back in 1996 he hurt himself in the gym and had to have hernia surgery.

Because of this Virgil could not hit the gym for 3 months!  Imagine giving up something you love for 3 months!

Now you know that must’ve been torture for Virgil.  He also became very depressed because he’s supposed to set an example for his clients and for his students.

So what did Virgil do?

Well the first thing he did was a big mistake.

He went back into the gym only 3 weeks after surgery and pulled an abdominal muscle.  Now he was set back even further

What next?

He tried swimming but no good. Still too painful even for a former New York City Lifeguard!

He used the exercise bike at the gym but it was just way too boring.

You see Virgil was used to lifting weights, playing 3 on 3 basketball, wiffle ball and touch football and now he’d have to use a boring as hell exercise bike!

There had to be something better!

And that is exactly what Virgil found that actually made him famous. (At least when it came to stairs)

He was visiting a friend who happened to live on the 19th floor but one of the elevators was out or service.

Instead of waiting for the second elevator Virgil decides to take the stairs and the rest was history.

By the time he hit the 19th floor he was breathing heavy but more importantly there was no pain from his injuries.

He found a new training tool!

And it simply was walking the stairs in his friends 21 story building.

Yup that is how the stairs guru got started.

Over the next few months while healing from hernia surgery Virgil got up to walking 140 flights of stairs in a workout!

Now something really special started to happen.

Virgil was all healed up and was ready to go back into the gym but he still wanted to keep stairs in his routine.

So he decided to hit the gym 2 times a week and the stairs 2 times a week.

Virgil also came up with most unique stair exercises you will ever find and put them into an ebook and video series called The Ultimate Stair Exercises.

stair running for fat loss

Stair Running Protocol - no equipment - just results!

This system is structured to burn fat and transform your body

And we are not just talking about walking stairs either:

He came up with exercises to

-Improve Aerobic Fitness: Great for Beginners or Recovery Workouts

-Improve Anaerobic Fitness: The Kind of Workouts that Burn Tons of Fat!

-Improve Your Strength: The Kind of Exercises that give you Buns of Steel!

-Improve Your Power: The Kind of Exercises that Help You Perform on the Athletic Field, Burn Fat & Make You Look Amazing!

-Improve Conditioning: The Kind of Exercises that Elite Athletes Use for Incredible Stamina and Give You Tons of Energy!

-Improve Your Flexibility: The Kind of Exercises that Alleviate joint Paint and Make You Feel Great!

-Make Good Use of Your Time: The Best Stair Exercises of All Time. Time Efficient & Super Effective.

Now are stairs the only thing you should be doing I asked Virgil?

Of course not he says. I’d have to be crazy to say that considering I always tell people to keep an open mind and learn as much as you can about other training tools.

The more tools you have the betters: Gyms, Spinning, Yoga, Stairs, Bands, Kettlebells etc… all have their place

In fact when he was the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the New York Liberty back in 2002 they didn’t even have access to the New York Knicks training center because it was still under construction.


This gets results FAST.

Can you imagine the best basketball team in the nation not having a place to train.

So actually they were forced to uses stairs and bands for a bulk of their training and that served them just fine as they were the best conditioned team in the league and went to the WNBA Finals!

Can you imagine if Virgil only believed in using a gym?

So I ask you this:

Could stair training help you?

That’s something you have to ask yourself

And if the answer is yes for a limited time Virgil has 3 free stair training videos for you just for visiting his site:

3 FREE Stair Training Videos!

Go to that link now before he takes them down – :)

not bad for free!


*All 3 Reports ARE NOW LIVE – Grab Them Before They Are Taken Down!

FREE Training Guide 1 – Stair Climb Basics CLICK HERE

FREE Training Guide 2 – Stair Lunge Variations CLICK HERE

FREE Training Guide 3 – ‘Running Stairs’ For Fat Loss Report CLICK HERE

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